BENTOBOX…BENTOBOX…BENTOBOX ANNOUNCEMENT. As COO of our agency, I am thrilled to be sharing some wonderful news.  The Coastside Media Team is so proud to announce our partnership with one of the greatest development companies on the planet in the restaurant industry.

We told you there was BIG news coming a few weeks ago and the Coastside Media Team are some of the very first partners in the world to join the Bentobox family. We cannot be more grateful to be invited to join forces with the best-in-class services for our clients.

Partnering with Bentobox positions Coastside Media in a top leadership role for restaurants in the Country. In these challenging times for the restaurant industry, we are thrilled to offer the greatest solutions BentoBox has to offer. We are ready to make your restaurant THRIVE online.

Call us for a consultation and get the best pricing and customer service from Coastside Media and Bentobox.

What a blessing. Thank you Bentobox for recognizing Coastside Media as a marketing leader and combining resources. Time to Eat up!!!!!

Look for a lot of news and information as we step into the digital restaurant space.


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