Content that is both useful and interesting may be used to win new readers and keep existing ones interested in your brand in the new year.

Relationships with consumers are what content marketing is all about. One of the last stages of content engagement is when the consumer eagerly awaits your material to be consumed in some form.

Blog more aggressively

Thanks to content marketing, people learn to value one another’s contributions. If you run a business that offers helpful information, like a how-to article, then your customers will appreciate it and be more likely to buy from you.

  • You need to find the one accountable. Assign a single person the task of maintaining the blog.
  • Establish a target. Your blog has to be a powerful tool in your SEO arsenal. Plan to achieve certain organic search ranks and volumes of traffic for specific brand or product-related inquiries.
  • Create a publication schedule. Having a strategy in place is essential.
  • Get started on your writing. Make a plan for January 2023 to write a blog article weekly. Think of any celebration (big or little, well-known or not) that your product may be useful for and write about that.
    Improve. Put in time to hone your writing skills.

Start a Newsletter with Editorial Content

The term “editorial newsletter” refers to a series of periodic emails that primarily contain information that is not intended to promote a product or service.

Picture yourself as the owner of an online shop where customers can purchase kombucha brewing essentials including jars, teas, and kits to get started. The distribution of a weekly newsletter devoted to topics like digestive health and healthy living is an idea worth considering. There would be new information, as well as potential product mentions and website connections, in the newsletter.

Whatever the case may be, make sure that the subject matter and layout of your newsletter are appropriate for your enterprise. Create unique material for your newsletter while periodically recycling pieces from your blog or social media accounts.

Enjoy Your Podcast!

Find a unique take on podcasting to use in your January 2023 content marketing campaigns.

A website dedicated to marketing power tools may conduct interviews with industry leaders to learn about the ways in which projects are evolving. Creating a podcast on the latest fashion trends that we all love to loathe is a great idea for a clothing store.

Vow to Video

In accordance with the old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” images are often more effective than text. A video, though, can be worth a fortune.

Beginning in the new year of 2023, your company should prioritize video content as a key component of its content marketing plan. According to reports, the average amount of time Americans spend watching videos online is between 80 and 120 minutes every day.

Viewers are looking for both entertainment and education from the brands they follow, and are increasingly turning to content marketing films (brand videos) for both.

Start planning some basic video tactics for January 2023.

Rather than just audio, your podcast should be in video form. Put together a video and audio recording of your podcast. This is the default behavior of many podcasting tools.

Transform your greatest blog entries into video form. Using your business’s analytics and conversion monitoring systems, determine which blog pieces have generated the most interest, and then create a video adaptation of each.

Add some movies to your site. YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are all suitable places to share your videos, but don’t overlook your own website! Post links to your videos on the appropriate web sites.

Instructor of a Course

If the pinnacle of content marketing is imparting helpful knowledge, then leading a course is the pinnacle of delivery formats (as opposed to writing an article, sending a newsletter, recording a podcast, or making a video).

As a last piece of content marketing in January 2023, you may create a course that actually helps your target demographic in some meaningful way. Every industry has something to teach.

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