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Search Engine Optimization

Why do local businesses need SEO?

Business owners must first understand that search engines have completely revolutionized the modern buying process and that consumers are searching for your business services online. Consumers are using search engines to assess their options and to qualify the goods and services they’re interested in without ever needing to set foot in a brick-and-mortar store. In fact, a recent study revealed that 81% of consumers will perform an online search before making a purchase decision.

Let’s set the record straight: every business needs to invest in SEO!

SEO is the work that goes into improving a website’s ranking in organic (unpaid) search results on search engines like Google and Bing. The goal with SEO is to rank on page one for the right keyword search phrases that are relevant to your business.

A rockstar SEO strategy involves keyword research, link building, reputation management, content creation, and more. However, most business owners don’t have the time, tools, or expertise needed to invest in an effective SEO strategy on their own. We can help! With a strong SEO strategy, you will be found online, increase engagement, increase organic website traffic, and produce real customer conversions.


Listing Presence

Why do local businesses’ need accurate listings?

Customers are relying on the internet more than ever to find local businesses, which is why it’s important that your listings are present and accurate. If your business information is missing or incorrect, it can result in unhappy customers, lost revenue, and a drop in online search rankings.

With 81% of consumers performing an online search before making a purchase decision, and a whopping 88% of local, mobile searches resulting in a store visit within 24 hours, it’s imperative that your listings are up to date.

The problem is, creating and maintaining these listings everywhere your business is referenced can take countless hours of manual updates. To add further complications, some of these listings could be changed by third parties or competitors without you knowing.

That’s where Coastside Media can help! With a great listing solution, you can ensure that your business information across the internet is found, accurate, and protected. By making sure that your customers can find your business online, you as a business owner will be able to focus on what really matters, growing your business.



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