Tripwire marketing is the practice of offering leads a low-cost product with the intention of selling them more expensive products later.

Tripwire marketing is a common practice intended to increase first customer acquisition. The theory behind marketing tripwires is that higher-cost purchases result in higher friction and reduced willingness to pay (WTP).

How dooes tripwire marketing work?
Once a lead has become a customer, they are more likely to become a customer again – and starting with a low-cost product makes more leads more likely to become customers.

After a tripwire offer is accepts, tripwire customers typically get segmented into a separate list, which allows for more targeted marketing campaigns and upsells.

How do I create a tripwire?
Pull together all of your products and services
Discover which gets the most initial sales
Consider creating a more minimal viable product (MVP) version that costs less, but still retains most of the value
Use paid media to show the tripwire product to new customers
Send email drip campaigns to customers who buy the tripwire item for them to consider more purchases