Local search engine optimization is a method that involves optimizing Google Business Profiles and other listings in order to enhance exposure on maps and assist companies appear for geomodified search keywords such as “lunch place near me.”

Here are five reasons why you should start optimizing your local SEO immediately.

Create the ideal combo.

When you combine local SEO with conventional and digital marketing, you have a comprehensive plan that increases brand awareness, trust, and ROI. Customers that have been persuaded by marketing are significantly more inclined to engage online, often via a search engine. According to Chat Meter, “near me” or “close by” searches have increased by more than 900% in the last two years.

Find ready buyers.

People who use these local searches are ready to act. According to studies, 88% of individuals who look for a local company visit within 24 hours. Once you’ve established brand recognition through conventional and digital marketing, make certain that you appear in search results when clients are ready to buy.

Discover useful information.

Local SEO offers extensive data that will help you with all of your marketing activities. This demonstrates how your local SEO is performing as well as information on how your whole marketing strategy is performing, from website hits to phone calls to individuals requesting driving directions.

Maintain consistency across the web.

Local SEO tools guarantee that your information is consistent across hundreds of top-tier results. This is significant since 63% of clients think erroneous information would prevent them from choosing your company. Furthermore, Google prioritizes listing accuracy as a ranking criteria.

Show up regardless of the circumstances. Customers have more alternatives than ever before for finding local companies, and voice search is becoming increasingly popular, with 58% of American adults using it for this reason. Local SEO helps ensure that your company appears on Amazon Alexa and other home technology.

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The Coastside Media Business Review

The Coastside Media Business Review is a consultative needs assessment report that scans the web and analyzes your business’s digital marketing. The report shows how your business stacks up online in key marketing categories including reputation management, social media, website development, privacy and ADA compliance, SEO, listing accuracy and online advertising. Provide us will a little information and we will send you a complimentary report for your business.

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