Crest OF The Wave

Coastside Media Showcase

There is nothing better than catching a wave and riding the crest to the top!


It is this energy that propels you and your business forward to create a higher level of connection with your target audience. Our Coastside Media Teams strive to discover the potential in every wave long before it hits the shore. We understand all of this comes down to trust because there is nothing more personal and critical to you than your brand. Our teams work tirelessly to get into the rhythm of your business and tell your story creating the energy and focus to ride the crest. We are excited to take the next steps with you and explore the endless opportunities for your next project. Opportunities that are as deep as the ocean is wide. Dream Big!

A high point of an action or process and especially of one that is rhythmic


Coastside Media Showcase Sites

Above & Beyond Creations

Conscious Gardeners

So. Humboldt Chamber

Go Painless Wiring



Jenny Early VA

Coastside Media Food & Entertainment Showcase

Common Lot

Liberty House


Crystal Springs

Rat’s Restaurant

Coastside Media Real Estate Showcase

Warburg Realty

Coastside Media Recreation & Sports Showcase



Coastside Media Cannabis/CBD Showcase

Humboldt Redwood Healing


Ridgeline Farms

Blocksburg Family Farms

Coastside Media Logo Showcase

Coastside Media SoHum Farm Company Logo
Coastside Media Great Lakes Logo

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