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From web development, content marketing, video production, cannabis marketing, graphic design and merchandising Coastside Media can set you on the right course.

Website Design

From the simple to the complex website development, we have you covered. All our work is custom. Depending on your needs we can set up any budget and plan to get you going. Contact us.


SEO Performance

SEO is the most effective spend of your digital marketing efforts. It is more than just keywords. We have over a decade of SEO experience and a custom plan for you. Be found on the web now.


Reputation Management

Do you know what people are saying about you and do you know how to keep your business operating at a 5-star rating? It takes knowledge and a team effort to manage your online reputation. Contact us.


Graphic Design

Our team can create everything from a simple flyer to a large banner. Depending on the size of the project our team can turn things around for you on budget and on time. Contact us.

Marketing Roadmap

We have a trademarked marketing solution for any business. It is a deep dive but when you work through our process you will have a marketing blueprint for your business. Plus, it's fun! Contact us.

Coupon & Deal Programs

Everybody loves to save. Digital savings and deals are a wonderful way to generate lifetime customers and drive traffic into your location. There are many ways to generate a campaign.



Branding is the longest play for any business. The process may take weeks and months, but it is critically important. Let us help you find your brand voice and spirit. Strategize, Create and Analyze. Contact us.

E-mail Marketing Solutions

Need help setting up your email marketing solution? Whether it is Mailchimp, Constant Contact or any service of your choice, we can help you set up and start sending. Contact us.

Logo Design

Everything starts with an incredible logo. It is your branding starting point. Out teams have years of experience and know how to create a logo you will be proud to have for years.


Content Marketing

Without a well planned content marketing strategy you are dead in the water. Let our team of writers and strategy planners take this heavy load off of you and maximize your ROI. Contact us.

Social Media

Ah!  Social media. Frankly an important part of a digital marketing plan but honestly only one part. Social media is not digital marketing. Let us show you why and how we can manage your social better. Contact us. 

Display Programmatic Advertising

Our team specializes in this area. We can put your message on OTT, Spotify and across the best online network sources available in the digital space. Right place. Right audience. Right time.

Online Broadcasting Solutions

Sharing music is a perfect way to share your brand's voice. Custom online music and podcasting is the new frontier. Let us create your own online music station or podcast. We consult broadcasters too.

Custom Contesting

If you want to generate leads and engagement, contesting is a terrific way to accomplish your goal. Use your website and social media to the max with custom contests. Contact us.

e-Commerce Services

e-Commerce has exploded. Can people buy your product or services? We are experienced in WooCommerce and Magento platforms. Start selling online today!

3D Rendering Services

Our partners at Transgraphics Consulting provide the very best in high quality renderings, animated fly-throughs, and photo simulations allow the viewer to see your proposed project in context, providing a more engaging, immersive, and persuasive experience. Let's bring your project to life!

CRM Solutions

Every company needs a quality CRM for their business. Our team has worked and tested many kinds of platforms and can consult with you on which one is the right fit. Contact us.

Hosting & Maintenance

We have many hosting options and maintenance plans to choose from. Hosting is dependent on the size of your website and the amount of traffic associate with your business. Contact us.


Search Engine Marketing

A great lead generation tool for your business but only if it is used effectively. Our SEM team understands the bidding process and how to reach your KPI (Key Point Indicators) to drive results. Contact us.

Video Production

Whether you need an internal corporate video, an animated how-to video, or a marketing video for your website or social platforms, we can help you get it done quickly at an affordable price.


Skilled Cannabis Marketing Team

We have 4 years of experience in the cannabis industry. We have helped companies and farmers with branding and marketing in a challenging space. Check out for more info.


We have many options to choose from and the sky is the limit when it comes to apparel and branded products for your team, store, or any business. Our partners deliver 5-star service. Contact us.

Sales Leadership Training

We have many resources including a partnership with Revenue Development Resources to help any sales team or individual sales team member become leaders in their lives and businesses. 

Text Marketing Services

SMS or texting has become critical since the Covid 19 pandemic. We can help you engage with the right customer at the right moment when they require your services.


Online Publishing Services

Easily publish your newspaper or magazine online with our content management solution. It's feature-rich, affordable, and doesn't require knowledge of programming!

Website Rescue Service

Is your website down? Our team of developers can repair and get your business back online. Our Coastside Media Rescue resource is there when you need us the most. Contact us.


If you are ready to catch our Coastside vibe a great place to start is with a complementary business review. Our team is looking forward to creating and connecting with you.

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