Mobile Advertising

Anywhere, Anytime.

Reach your target audience regardless what device they are on by incorporating a mobile advertising strategy. Target users by behavior, geography, content or even by a specific mobile device. No one can deny the world is transitioning towards a heavier usage of mobile devices. Luckily, advertising on mobile devices is very similar to traditional display advertising.

Mobile Creative Sizes

Use mobile-specific creative sizes to gain access to applications and device-optimized websites.

Medium Rectangle


Mobile Leaderboard


Mobile Interstitial


Small Mobile Banner


Targeting and Reporting

Target and report on website and application impressions by:

– Device Make and Model: Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC Nexus etc.
– Carrier: Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, U.S. Cellular, T-Mobile, Cricket, Boost Mobile, etc.
– Mobile Operating System: Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, Chrome, etc.
– Mobile Browser: Safari, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

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