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Keep Your Brand Top-Of-Mind

Retargeting drives potential customers back to your website by targeting users who have previously visited your website but didn’t make a purchase or take a desired action. Developing a solid retargeting approach is a simple and effective way to increase audience engagement, build brand awareness and boost customer acquisition.


How Does it Work?

Initial Visit

As customers visit your website, a tracking code called a cookie is placed on their web browser.

Leave Website

Users leave without engaging with your product or service, and continue to surf the web.

Your Ads Are Served

Your potential customers’ tracking cookie is recognized by in-network websites, which then display your ad.

Conversion Made

By clicking on an ad, your customers are brought back to your website, encouraging them to complete a conversion.


Retarget Like A Pro

1. Place the Provided Pixel on Your Homepage Early. Place the retargeting pixel on the backend of your homepage at least two weeks before campaign launch to build up a solid pool of users to later target. Use different retargeting pixels on specific pages to separate your audiences.

2. Don’t Smother Your Audience. Best practices suggest that you should limit your retargeting efforts to around 15-20 ads displayed per month per user – enough to keep you on your target market’s mind, without suffocating them.

3. Give Your Audience a Good Creative. Having users sign up for a newsletter? Trying to push a current sale? Make sure your creative goes beyond brand awareness. Give them a reason to come back to your site!

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